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Kyle Racki

CEO & Co-Founder

In his past life as a designer, and as an agency owner with Kevin, Kyle shed his fair share of blood, sweat, and bitter tears over the aggravating inefficiency of the average proposal process. And since necessity is the mother of invention, along came Proposify. Kyle is passionate about building beautiful software while helping entrepreneurs improve their sales. He loves jamming out 90’s cover tunes at open mic night and has the unique ability to work a perfectly cromulent Simpsons reference into any conversation. Kyle's la-di-da coffee order includes a freshly ground dark roast from a french press with cream.

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Kevin Springer

COO & Co-Founder

A serial entrepreneur since the days before the internet (gasp!), Kevin’s extensive business acumen and sales experience makes him and Kyle the perfect co-conspirators. When he’s not guiding Proposify toward world domination, you’ll find Kevin on the court coaching youth basketball, on the field cheering his own kids, or on foot, running against the wind. Many years ago, Kevin actually owned a coffee company in Florida so he's kind of our in-house aficionado. As a gentleman, he prefers blonde (roast, of course) with two milks and no sugar.

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Jonathan Down

Chief Technical Officer

With over a decade of experience in programming, Jonathan leads the development side of our flagship software here at Proposify. In his spare time Jonathan actually writes more code — experiments, makes games, and even builds robots. Yes, robots. He can also be found pampering his new baby, his Mini Cooper. Jonathan's java? A dark roast with a hit of chocolate milk.

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Alex Plumb

Developer & Chief Gif Officer

Alex is a talented developer who helps make Proposify what it is. Making up the other 50% of Americans on our team (and 16% of our beard quotient), Alex hails from Boston and is a lover of all things games and trivia — a polyglot who fancies himself a linguaphile. Go ahead and look it up, we'll be here when you get back. Straight up and no nonsense, Alex takes his coffee black.

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Ricky Ferris

Chief Product Officer

As our Chief Product Officer, Ricky designs awesome new features for Proposify, improves our existing features, and keeps a hawk-eyed focus on QA issues. With more than a decade of experience as a frontend developer and UI specialist, Ricky has also collaborated with Kyle and Kevin over the years on other projects. Listen closely for the sounds of Ricky playing guitar or the rumble of his skateboard as he whizzes by with his son, Isaac. Ricky's coffee order? A medium-medium with room for milk. 

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Geoff Miller

VP of Engineering

Multilingual, Geoff speaks PHP, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML (and maybe Klingon, we're not too sure). Here at Proposify he puts his superpowers to work on the secret sauce of our code. When Geoff isn't in front of a monitor, he's on the soccer field bending it like Beckham as both a player and a coach. He's also one of those curious humans who doesn't drink coffee. We might put him in a museum.

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Celene Isip


Celene is one of our stealthy secret weapon developers, toiling away behind the scenes to make Proposify a proposal force to be reckoned with. One of the things Celene loves about working in IT is that it’s transportable, imagining herself coding while swinging in a hammock on a tropical beach. (Note to HR: install hammock in office ASAP) The irony is, although Celene grew up in an island country  - the Philippines - she doesn’t know how to swim. (Note to HR: surround office with a moat so Celene never leaves us.) Celene’s coffee comfort comes in the form of half coffee, half hot chocolate topped with whipped cream.

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Janani Ramani

Head of Quality Assurance

Janani’s alternate job title might be Professional Bug Tracker and Proposify Breaker. Her expertise lies in smoking out those pesky bugs that annoy our users and uncovering any potential issues with our software. In her non-bug life, Janani is a professional playback singer, having sung for more than 20 Bollywood movies. Maybe she’ll do the soundtrack for Proposify:The Musical next? Janani fills her coffee cup with a dark roast, double double.

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Sondra Brunt

Head of Customer Success

The combination of her experience working with startups and a background in human resources makes Sondra the perfect fit for customer success. Sondra loves to crack a challenge and help our customers get back on track. You'll often find Sondra diving for a frisbee at Ultimate or training to race up the CN Tower (NBD, just 1,700 steps). Sondra likes her coffee like she likes her men: in a plastic cup. 

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Nick Gaston

Head of Customer Support

Nick describes his background in customer service, tech, and sales like the best sandwich you ever had, with a side of bacon. What we want to know is if he still gets perks from his first job on the Dickie Dee ice cream bike. Nick is focused on creating a customer experience so streamlined, support articles so helpful that our customers have no reason to contact us other than to express their love for Proposify. Nick’s level of enthusiasm suggests he doesn’t need caffeine but he does like his locally roasted coffee with one cream, one sugar. 

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Jennifer Faulkner

Head of Content

Part copywriter, brand strategist, communications specialist, and word nerd, Jen helps spread the gospel of Proposify in her role as head of content. She survived the trenches of the agency world and ran her own freelance business, with the empty beer bottles to prove it. Jen's coffee of choice is a single extra-hot latte with two packets of raw sugar. (isn't sugar the new smoking?).

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Patrick Edmonds

Chief Marketing Officer

Our resident triple threat, Patrick studied marketing, finance, and computer science, which makes him the ideal cloning prototype for Proposify team members. He likes to get his hands dirty digging deep into the data to discover new ways to convert more customers to the Proposify way of life, and gets his kicks from measurable results. Patrick plays bass guitar, collects vinyl, and oddly enough likes snowstorms...something about skiing? A casual caffeine consumer, Patrick will drink the odd skim latte, if made by someone who knows what they’re doing.

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Steve Huntington


For Steve, design is about more than just making Proposify a pretty face. It’s also about creating a smooth-as-silk user experience and applying design thinking to problem solving. He’s originally from Cape Breton so if you know anything about that, you know that we’re all sleeping with one eye open. Steve’s also a huge live music fan so most weekends you’ll find him in front of a stage, just don’t call him a groupie. And he’ll take a Barq’s Root Beer over a coffee any day. 

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Amy Sears

Sales & Solutions

A seasoned and savvy sales pro, Amy is fueled by her competitive spirit (we have yet to challenge her to a game of Jenga), a passion for connecting people and products, and her love of a really stinky pun. Amy takes the education of her teenage daughter very seriously, forcing her to watch classic movies from the 80’s and 90’s. In the end though, it’s usually her cat, Gus, who’s the best pupil. When it comes to coffee, life at Proposify has converted Amy from a pinky-lifting tea drinker to a grinding-brewing-spot-of-cream caffeine addict.

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Ryan MacDougall

Sales & Solutions

A true biz dev professional, Ryan understands that sales is all about solutions. In fact, he loves solving challenges for our users so much, we may need to nickname him Startup Sherlock. We admire Ryan’s adventurous spirit, moving to Nova Scotia sight unseen and embracing our strange local culture like donairs and the Proposify team. We’ll see how much those embraces continue here in the office once play-off season arrives, with Ryan being a (ahem) Maple Leafs fan. It’s not coffee that keeps Ryan buzzing after a long day of closing, it’s an icy cold Pepsi.

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A note from Kyle, our CEO

Back in 2007 I was working at a small web design company and had an idea: what if there was a way to make a software-as-a-service product like Basecamp, but for proposals? It would cut down on the headache agencies face with proposals and give them all the design flexibility they need to make it look amazing, all right in the web browser.

To me it was a cool idea, but I never thought it would see the light of day. Javascript wasn't what it is today, and besides, while I could design the interface, I didn't have the technical or financial means to make this a reality.

Not too long afterwards, other proposal software products came out, but none of them ever matched the vision I had in my head for my dream app, one that I would want to use for my own agency's proposals. For several years I ran a small web design agency with my business partner, Kevin and later sold it to focus on Proposify.

Fast-forward to today, and here we are a small but growing startup with thousands of customers from all over the world praising Proposify for its simple, intuitive interface and ease of use.

It's a vision that I couldn't have ever pulled off on my own without the business savvy of Kevin, my other co-founder at Proposify, or sheer genius and raw talent of Jonathan, our CTO. We are also blessed to have investors who believed in our dream and were willing to put their money behind it to make it happen.

I'm especially grateful for every one of our customers who trust us with a very important part of their business, and collectively pitch over a million dollars every month using Proposify.

Our mission is to make the best proposal software in the world for small agencies, and we pour our blood, sweat and tears to fulfill on that every day.

If you don't think Proposify is the best proposal app to help your growing agency streamline your sales then you won't pay a penny. Give it a try for 14 days and tell me what you think.


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Cofounder & CEO, Proposify

PS: If you'd like to learn from our past experiences running a digital agency and other agency owners who are killing it every day, check out our podcast.

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