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The Business of Being a Social Media Marketing Expert

SEASON 2 • EPISODE 69 • 42:06

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, Kevin and Kyle interview Tyler Anderson, founder of social media agency, Casual Fridays and host of the popular podcast, Social Media Social Hour.

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As founder of Casual Fridays, host of Social Media Social Hour podcast, host and organizer of Social Media Day San Diego, and now creator of social media marketing app, Tack, it might be an understatement to call Tyler Anderson JUST a social media marketing expert. He’s walking the walk, talking the talk, and providing his agency and his clients with the ROI to prove it.

In this interview, Tyler talks about how Casual Fridays came to specialize in social media marketing and management for the travel and hospitality industries, and how brands and businesses are now expected to communicate through social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to resolve customer service issues. Tyler also explains how he landed Rand Fishkin, founder of, as the very first guest on his then unknown podcast, Social Media Social Hour; and how he built the podcast to the point where it now gets 70K downloads a month and acts a huge lead generator for his agency.  

You’ll also get a sneak peek into Tyler’s new social media marketing app, Tack, created as a way to solve a pain point Casual Friday’s team was experiencing in helping clients manage their social media marketing.