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Why We Redesigned Our User Onboarding Process

SEASON 2 • EPISODE 67 • 38:35

This week on Agencies Drinking Beer, we take you behind the scenes of our complete redesign of Proposify's user onboarding process in a conversation between our CEO, product manager, and growth manager.

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Empowering a new user to succeed using your product is a critical aspect to retention and growth of a SaaS product. We recently went through the exercise of analyzing our existing onboarding process, researching best practices, and then redesigning an entire new system. In this podcast, our CEO, Kyle Racki; product manager, Ricky Ferris; and growth marketer, Patrick Edmonds share why we made the decisions we did, what we hope to achieve, and how onboarding needs to focus on converting your new signups into longterm paying evangelists.